Sony approached us and asked us to think outside of the post, to find ways to create highly shareable pieces of content for the release of the newest Spider-Man film in the franchise.
We said "what if Spider-Man was a real person, what would fans and detractors be saying and doing in the real world? To that end we created a series of real world thematic content pieces. First we hit the streets with graffiti and marks in the real world, a pro Spider-Man army that fueled the conversation," is he a hero or villain". We also reached out to local businesses in the New York area to display pro Spider-Man signs in their shops on a local level and then photographed them. And finally we attached Spider-man to real world events to make him part of everyones daily life. When the snow storms hit, he was there, Superbowl time he was there, March Madness, April Fools, Mardis Gras and on and on.
Needless to say it was a huge success with individual posts garnering up to 75,000 likes.
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